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    richard buckminster fuller.
    the geodesic dome.
    montreal, canada.

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    midcenturymodernfreakSky High Luxury Lounge - 1971 American Airlines Luxury Liner | Boeing 747 - Via


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    860–880 Lake Shore Drive Apartment Buildings, Chicago, 1948-51; under construction, 1950-51 — Mies van der Rohe

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    © florian busch architects - taichung metropolitan opera house - taiwan - 2005

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    The sculpture ‘Alias’ seems like a strange indefinable creature. It was created for the Orangery Palace Rheda by Miriam Jonas. In forty seconds rhythm the structure made of transparent PVC is filled with air from a blower. Once the fan is turned off, air escapes from the Sculpture and almost breathing, it seems as if it is has come to life.

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    Peter Bialobrzeski - Nail Houses & Case Study Homes

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    Extreme beekeeping (China)

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      Future Army, weapons and wars…

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