3. industriamexicana:

    TAPO, Juan José Díaz Infante, 1979

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  9. indophilia:

    Bazaar street at Shikarpur in the Sindh province now in Pakistan, 1890s. The mud daub roof, supported on a wooden framework, has largely collapsed. The historic town of Shikarpur, founded in the 17th century, was once an important trading centre.

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  11. the sculpture is sited in an isolated area as to require its visitors to make the physical effort to get there, in order to enjoy the little piece of paradise – a retreat among the barren, dry landscape. it is barsuglia’s intention that instead of offering an experience that is preconceived and contrived, individuals will take the time to slow down and reflect on social values and reality, while on their way to the ‘social pool’. (via alfredo barsuglia sites social pool in remote area of the mojave desert)



  13. processingmatter:

    Klein bottle by George Liaropoulus Legendre, in ijp book of surfaces

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  15. Wired writes that “these mysterious-looking formations”—a crystallographic ridged pattern of lines and diamonds designed by artist Paul de Kort and visible in the above photo taken by Your Captain Aerial Photography—is actually a series of “noise-deflecting ridges.” It is a garden of aeronautical silence, designed to nullify noises from the sky. (via BLDGBLOG: Buffer Space)